Visit Caerleon Roman Ruins - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Visit Caerleon Roman Ruins

Dog Friendly Accommodation > Walks around the Castle > East of the Castle

Walk:        EOC 13
Location:   Caerleon Roman Ruins Walk

Directions:   Set sat nav for Caerleon. This is a possible walk you could do on the way to or from the castle as it involves heading towards Newport.

Distance (miles):  
Time (hours):     
Length of Walk:   An hour or longer - depends what you make of it.
Dates Walked:      12/12/2009
Parking:     Free where we were

Pop in to:    Within 50 yards walking distance: Caerleon Roman Legion museum and (in a separate building, walking further along the road into town) the Caerleon Fortress Baths. Both Museum and Baths buildings are 'free entry' with the usual tourist shops.

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