A trip to Dare Valley - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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A trip to Dare Valley

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Walk:         EOC 09
Location:   Dare Valley Country Park (Aberdare)

Directions:   Head via Glynneath onto the A465 going towards Merthyr Tydfill. Do not go as far as Merthyr Tydfill. Look out for two roundabouts a few miles after leaving Glynneath, at the end of the first section of dual carriageway. The first is very large (the Hirwaun roundabout) with a large grass expanse in the middle and no housing around. The second is a smaller roundabout amongst some houses. Take third exit at this roundabout, leaving the A465, and heading towards Aberdare. This is even sign posted Dare Valley Country Park (watch out for the brown tourist signs).

Sadly the signage will take you into the centre of Aberdare where it then abandons you in some playing fields (which are NOT the park). You are now some distance from the Country park and it is difficult to find any signs to it from here. Only if you are lucky will you spot some signs directing you up side roads and in the general direction from which you came, to Dare Valley Country Park.

You may have to stop and get directions, but if you persist, you may pick up the country park symbol again. I persisted, as I do not like to ask for directions.

Subsequently I found a more direct route. After taking the third exit to Aberdare off 2nd roundabout on A465, at first large brown tourism sign to Dare Valley Country Park, you can then go straight on. You must now ignore the further brown tourism signs directing you left along the main road into Aberdare. Continue instead bearing right along some minor roads through terraced housing areas, and the Country Park is actually now on your right. To get to it is another matter. Look out for a steep single track road between terraced housing going uphill to your right. This leads straight to the Country park and even has a discreet brown tourism country park symbol.

Distance (miles):   19.4 to Aberdare
Time (hours):      0.34
Length of Walk:  2-3 hours depending how far you want to go.
Dates Walked:      02/01/2010
Parking:      Free where we were
Pop in to:       Aberdare for a wander around

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