Elan Village Day Trip - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Elan Village Day Trip

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Walk:         WOC 04
Location:       Elan Village and Reservoirs

Directions:   Below is a direct route however you may opt to take a scenic route (probably much the same distance as avoids Llandovery) as follows: Right out of castle, left at Tafan y Garreg Pub, over mountain to Trecastle (one right hand turn at the only T Junction you come to before Trecastle, and down the lane until you end up at Trecastle).

At T junction onto A40 in Trecastle (pub on left) turn left onto A40, and after a mile or so, second right at Llywell. Take the single tracks, scenic, over the flattish top of the mountain, via the military zone (assuming red flag not flying and road not closed - sometimes flag is flying but sign says road is open so you can then still go through). Pass by Tirabad (but not going into Tirabad - cross a stream and go right after bridge not left into Tirabad itself), then on to Beaulah.

At Beaulah turn right onto A483, then left onto B4358 going to Newbridge on Wye where you again turn left, onto A470, to Rhayader. Turn left at Rhayader to go to Elan Village (sign posted Elan Valley or Elan Village). There are various reservoirs and roads and walks you can explore all around here.

Distance (miles):   57.1
Time (hours):      1.20 (Tom Tom) or 1.52 (RAC route finder).

Length of Walk:   Various options, long and short
Dates Walked:     17/04/2008, 11/08/2008,

Parking:      Free near the reservoirs but a small charge at the Elan Village
Visitor centre.

Pop in to:    Visitor Centre at Elan village; well worth an hour to review the history of building the dams. Elan village now is just a hamlet, but it became a large town during the building of the dam, due to all the labourers needed.

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