A trip to Laugharne - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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A trip to Laugharne

Dog Friendly Accommodation > Walks around the Castle > West of the Castle

Walk:         WOC 14
Location:     Laugharne Castle & Coastal Paths Walks

Distance (miles):   54.5
Time (hours):      1.15
Length of Walk:   Allow an hour to wander around the castle, outside it, peering into the Dylan Thomas garage shed and possibly popping into the boat house, and along some cobbled streets in the old part of Laugharne, behind the castle. Allow two hours for the coastal path walk.
Dates Walked:     28/12/2009

Parking:      Free

Pop in to:    There are some rather expensive looking restaurants here, including a five star AA restaurant in (or next to) the house Dylan Thomas used to live in.

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