Lynne Brianne - Walking - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Lynne Brianne - Walking

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Walk:  WOC 06
Location:       Llyn Brianne, including scenic circular drive

Directions:  Set your sat nav to take you to Ystradffin but set it to go VIA Abergwesyn. Check where you are going against the map in case your sat nav does not take you on the correct lanes.

This recommended route takes you on a scenic drive with lots of views. Lanes are narrow, winding and steep in places as you drive through deep valleys with sheer drops on one side of the road, and several blind bends and summits.

The route takes you through a series of valleys and forests and up some steep hills with switchback roads, until eventually you see the waters of Llyn Brianne before you. There are some nice stopping spots along the shore before you get to the dam itself. The drive around the reservoir alone is several miles long.

Before you get to Ystradffin you will see a sign to Llyn Brianne Dam, where you can park up in an area that used to be a quarry (presumably providing the material for the dam). You can then walk over the Dam and around the side of the Llyn Brianne reservoir.

Outward Journey:   Scenic circular route as above:

Distance (miles):   55.7 miles to a point south of Llyn Brianne (to Ystradffin) if going scenic route via Abergwesyn.
Time (hours):  1.41 though this is to Ystradfinn as per scenic route. The Llyn Brianne dam area would be reached a few minutes earlier.

Return Journey:   Direct from Ystradffin to Castle (not the way you came) to complete a circular drive:

Time (hours):   0.56
Distance (miles):  34.0

Length of Walk:   Circumnavigating Llyn Brianne is not possible; so you just go an hour or two or more round it clockwise (having crossed the dam), then walk back the same way you came.
Dates Walked:      25/03/2008, 01/08/2008,

Parking:     Free

Pop in to:    Pub at Rhandirmwyn is worth a drop-in to break up the return journey. Nothing special but it is the only bit of civilisation in this area. Have eaten there once.

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