Mountain Centre at Libanus Walk - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Mountain Centre at Libanus Walk

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Walk:        NOC 01
Location:    Mountain Centre at Libanus (near Brecon)

Directions:    Go to Libanus then follow brown signs to Mountain Centre. There are different routs and sat nav may take you a main road way.

The clever route is to go across country and not go into Libanus. Instead go to Defynog, turn left, and then at some point you can find an unmarked lane direct to the Mountain centre. The long way round will take you to Libanus first. So to find the short cut clever route, when you return from the mountain centre, exit the mountain centre turning left, at the T junction turn right instead of left back to Libanus, carry along this lane for a few miles and you will end up on the main road to Defynog (turn right to Defynog).
Postcode:  LD3 8NF (takes you to somewhere in Libanus, so once there, follow brown signs to Mountain Centre).
Distance (miles):  15.4
Time (hours):     0.20
Length of Walk:   One to two hours all over the mountain
Dates Walked:   17/11/2008, 22/11/2008, 07/12/2008, 23/12/2008, 03/01/2009, 15/03/2009, 09/08/2009, 31/08/2009, 15/11/2009,
Parking:     £1.00 or £2.00 depending on length of stay

Pop in to:   Mountain Centre Café and shop

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