Walking from Swansea Bay to Mumbles - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Walking from Swansea Bay to Mumbles

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Walk:         SOC 12
Location:     Swansea Bay to Mumbles
Directions:  Find your way to the seafront, following signs to the Maritime Museum. Continue along the coastal road towards Mumbles, leaving the big Tescos behind you on the right. Very soon after you pass Tescos, look out for the first parking area by the promenade on your left. It is a sharp left turn off the road, passing under a height restrictor barrier. You do not need to go as far as Mumbles as the idea is to walk there.

Distance (miles):  26.2 (to Mumbles) or 21.1 to Swansea
Time (hours):      0.56 (to Mumbles) or 0.43 to Swansea
Length of Walk:  3 hours or longer if attempting to go to Mumbles, shorter if just doing a promenade walk and a bit of the beach.
Dates Walked:      01/04/2008, 28/02/2009, 22/05/2009, 12/09/2009, 19/12/2009,

Parking:      Free if park in lay-by on sea front by promenade area.

Pop in to:    Maritime Museum (not really walkable from the area you are now parked in) worth a visit while in the area.

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