Craig Y Nos Castle

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Brecon (By the River)

Walks North of Craig Y Nos

Walk: NOC 04
Location: Brecon - by the river

Directions: Head into Brecon and you will cross the river, immediately coming to a set of traffic lights. Turn left at the lights and continue for a quarter mile or so up the narrow road, taking first left signposted something like 'promenade'. Park in the car park by the river, adjacent to some football/ rugby fields.
Distance (miles): 19.1
Time (hours): 0.27
Length of Walk: One hour or longer
Dates Walked: 26/04/2008, 10/01/2009,

Parking: 2.50 approx

Pop in to: Brecon town centre for some shopping and browsing. Worth visiting some of the arts shops.

To Download this walk in full, including a route and description with images, please click here.

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