Craig Y Nos Castle

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Walks West of Craig Y Nos

Walk: WOC 01
Location: Dinefwr Park, Dinefwr House and Castle

Directions Near Llandeilo. Try under 'places of interest' or 'tourist attractions' and select either National Trust Dinefwr or Dinefwr Park or Castle.

My Sat Nav directs me on main roads, A4067 to A40 then via Llandovery. 36.3 miles and 54 minutes.

However my preference would be to go on the Trecastle mountain road, head left at the first TR junction instead of right into Trecastle, heading along scenic lanes towards Myddfai (but not all the way to Mydffai as that means branching off to right), continuing along the road via Talsarn, possibly dropping into Llanddeusant for more scenic routes, which Sat Nav won't do efficiently, before heading across country Llandeilo and on to Dinefwr.
Distance (miles): 36.3
Time (hours): 0.54
Length of Walk: Up to you; plenty to see, including a walk to the castle ruin. Allow two hours but this is wandering and stopping to admire views and to clamber around the castle.

Dates Walked:
20/03/2008, 31/07/2008,
Parking: National Trust so free if you are a member

Pop in to: The House itself - formal, National Trust property. Has a café inside, I recall, worth stopping in.

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