Classification of Walks

EASY – a walk on flat or gently undulating ground of not more than 8km (5miles) suitable for ‘new’ walkers 

MODERATE – A 8km (5mile) to 16km (10mile) walk which may involve several short ascents or one longer one. When taken at a steady pace will be useful at improving fitness. 

ENERGETIC – One or two steep climbs and a walk of over 16km (10miles). Requires a good level of fitness.

STRENUOUS – For the more experienced walker, with several steep and lengthy ascents and requiring the ability to navigate across difficult terrain.

N.B.  Whilst every effort has been made to  classify walks appropriately and point out areas of risk, the authors accept no liability for loss or injury sustained as a result of using these guides.

Equipment and Safety

It is recommended that walking boots are worn on all but “Easy” walks and that the following items are carried on any walks which go up into the hills:

A watch

A compass                                                   

An OS map                                                     

Waterproof jacket and trousers            

A whistle  and torch                                                   

A first aid kit 

A walking stick or staff                            

A foil blanket 

A hat and gloves

A spare sweater and socks 

A hot drink

Extra high energy food

A mobile phone

Good walking practices include...
  • Ensuring that you can keep warm and dry.
  • Using walking boots that provide grip and support the ankles.
  • Keeping to public rights of way or bridle paths and following way-markers.
  • Taking particular care if venturing off recognised paths, especially around rivers, scree slopes, cliffs and areas where sink holes and caves occur.
  • Avoiding walking alone in remote areas.
  • Always telling someone where you are going, your route, and when you expect to return.
  • Knowing your walking capabilities and not exceeding them.
  • Being aware of the weather predictions, what time it will begin to go dark, and generally keeping an eye on the local weather and the time.
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