The Dunes of Merthyr Mawr - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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The Dunes of Merthyr Mawr

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Walk:         SOC 10
Location:      Dunes of Merthyr Mawr       

Directions:  South to J45 M4, left towards Cardiff, coming off as per sat nav, set it to find Merthyr Mawr but do not go into the village itself. Or go via Glynneath and the A465.

You come off the M4 on to the A48 and follow signs to Merthyr Mawr and Ogmore by Sea. There is a river separating Ogmore by Sea and Merthyr Mawr and the bridge across it is quite far inland, so do not get the wrong side of the river by going to Ogmore by Sea as I did originally unless you fancy a scenic route and drive. While you can cross the river on foot over some stepping stones, there are horses here which is not useful if you have dogs. To get to the sands, it is in theory better to be on the Merthyr Mawr side but there lies a story (we never did get to the beach).

Just beyond the handful of houses that is Merthyr Mawr you the lane dead ends in a woodland parking area, from where you can explore this most unusual area.
Distance (miles):   41
Time (hours):     0.55
Length of Walk:   Allow a day if you want to get to the beach through this muddled Maze. Do not get lost in the dark here. If attempting to reach the beach, which is only accessible after finding your way through about two miles of very high undulating sand dunes, allow one hour to get through the dunes, an hour or two for the completely deserted stretch of beach and an hour or to get back.

Take note of any obvious land marks; consider making some arrows / crosses in the sand to sign your route back.
Dates Walked:      22/08/2009,

Parking:      I think we had to pay £1.00 or something. Car park is locked at dusk.

Pop in to:    Ogmore by Sea if you fancy a scenic drive. Not a lot in Merthyr Mawr, just a row of houses from what I recall.

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