Going off road at Banwen - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Going off road at Banwen

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Walk:        EOC 06
Location:    Off-road Tracks above Banwen      

Directions:   Turn left out of Castle, heading south on the A4069 through Penycae and past the Ancient Briton Pub.

Turn sharp left soon after entering the 60 mph zone, once you have gone past the Abercrave turn-off on your right. Head up the hill and past the first cross roads at the top of the hill.

The road levels out and you come to a 40 mph zone. Soon after the 40 MPH zone starts, take a right turn at the crossroads heading towards Banwen. (The road opposite will take you a cross country route back to Penycae).

Park up before the street with two single rows of small terraced houses either side. On your left there is a small lake with a path around it. Follow the path around the far side of the small lake and up through a gate into the hills.

Walk around the open mountains as you wish. You can do some circular walks and come back down through the old Banwen town (via the two single rows of terraced houses).

Distance (miles):   6.8
Time (hours):      0.12
Length of Walk:   1-2 hours or longer if wander further
Dates Walked:      18/04/2009,
Parking:      Free on the road by small lake

Pop in to:    Abercrave Inn, Ancient Briton or Penycae Inn on way back

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