Walking to Penycae and Banwen - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Walking to Penycae and Banwen

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Walk:         EOC 04
Location:    Forest tracks off dead end lane between Penycae and Banwen

Directions:   Same as to Henhryd Waterfalls, except you go past the waterfalls car park (passing them on your right) for a few hundred yards, taking the first turning left off the lane, then continue for about 2 miles until you go through someone's farm and reach a dead end with a field gate into a field on the left and forest tracks leading on from a cattle grid on the right.

So you turn left out of castle, and take second left turning off A4069 - you turn left immediately opposite the Penycae Inn. Carry on up a steep narrow lane for about two miles and you will eventually see a large aerial mast ahead of you, the road then bends right, and you continue downhill, past the car park to the water falls which you will pass on your right. There is a right hand turning to Coelbren at the bottom of the hill, which you ignore, instead carrying on up the hill for about 100 yards, and then you turn left. Follow this remote lane for a couple of miles, until you pass through a farm, and dead end a little beyond the farm. Park up and cross into the forest tracks using stiff field gate to right of the cattle grid.
Distance (miles):   7
Time (hours):      15 to 20 minutes.
Length of Walk:   1 - 3 hours or more (some walk options are not circular).
Dates Walked:      24/10/2008, 26/10/2008, 16/11/2008, 08/08/2009, 24/01/2010,
Parking:      Free

Pop in to:    Henrhyd Waterfalls

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