Planning a Castle Wedding in Wales - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Planning a Castle Wedding in Wales

Weddings in Wales

Top Tips for Planning a Wonderful Welsh Wedding

Getting married is one of the biggest statements a couple can make in life, with around one third of the Welsh population having already taken this important step. The vast majority of those who decide to get hitched want to mark the occasion with a wedding day to remember. From choosing the perfect venue to selecting the right wedding suppliers, lots of important decisions are needed along the way. With the average wedding now costing around £21,000, getting these decisions right first time is crucial if you want to avoid expensive mistakes. Here we look at how to plan and deliver a truly wonderful wedding in Wales.


One of the first and most important decisions which have to be made is where to hold the wedding and reception. Choose a venue which provides the backdrop most suited to the look and feel of the day. Castle based weddings provide a flexible option adaptable to a wide range of wedding styles. From fairytale magic to sophisticated elegance, castles provide a setting with soul and character.  South Wales’s Craig y Nos Castle is one of the premier castle venues available across the country, offering inspirational architecture combined with romantic ambience.

Also consider the logistics in terms of accessing the venue. Will friends and family be able to get there and join the celebrations? If the venue is a distance away is accommodation available for wedding guests? Research the location and visit it a number of times before making the final decision, but don’t leave it too long as popular wedding venues do get booked well in advance. As soon as the decision is made, notify guests with a ‘save the date’ card. This will give them plenty of notice and allow them to take account of the wedding when managing leave requirements in work.


To theme or not theme – that is the question! Many couples these days opt for a themed wedding to provide a structure, context and consistency to their celebration. Choosing and executing a theme may sound like a challenge but with careful planning, a themed wedding can create a real impact. The most established and popular theme is fairytale prince and princess, cementing their union with a castle based ceremony. From full Disney Princess (think Frozen) to a more subtle yet equally impactful regal style, there are many ways in which to achieve the fairytale look and feel. Vintage style weddings are also increasingly popular, with quirky touches such as chintzy tea sets and old style bunting easy to acquire. Pick a theme in keeping with the bride and groom’s personality, and if possible personalise aspects of the wedding to reflect their history as a couple.

Precious memories

Create a lasting memory of your special day with some special photographs of the event. Ideally work with a professional photographer who can capture those memorable moments for posterity. Talk to a number of photographers and choose one who you feel comfortable with. Meet at the venue in the weeks or months leading up to the wedding and decide on locations for the selection of shots required. Venues which can offer a variety of indoor and outdoor backdrops are best, as weather conditions can be unpredictable. Craig y Nos Castle is an ideal setting for all types of photographs, with stunning interiors including the Opera House Ceremony Room, Conservatory as well as a gorgeous lake and extensive grounds.

Getting into detail

Delivering a dream wedding requires careful planning. This can be undertaken by the bride and groom or if life is already demanding enough, consider employing a professional wedding planner. If you are in the planning driving seat, keep track of all the details along the way. Create a list of everything which needs to be done and mark things off as they are taken care of. Computerise the process if possible – spreadsheets are a great way of monitoring progress and identifying any issues which need to be addressed. Look after the legalities of the ceremony itself, either in conjunction with your priest or minister, or directly with a registrar for civil ceremonies. Some churches require a course of marriage preparation so it is important to check this out well in advance of the wedding. Also bear in mind that even the best laid plans sometimes go awry due to circumstances beyond your control. Unfortunately this can be a costly scenario, unless you take out wedding insurance. This means that even if something does happen to disrupt your special day you won't end up paying the financial price. Investigate the options available and ensure that the cover you secure includes all relevant aspects of expenditure associated with the big day.

This is a freelance article sent in by site reader Sally Wills

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