Tirabad Woodland Walks - Craig Y Nos Castle (Weddings, Accommodation and Ghost Tours) in Wales

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Tirabad Woodland Walks

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Walk:         WOC 05
Location:      Tirabad Woodland Walks

Directions:   SatNav will take you via Llandovery, however a more scenic and shorter route (longer possibly in terms of time but shorter in distance) would be to turn right at Llywel, well before you get to Llandovery, and cut across the mountain. Lywel is just after Trecastle, so you would turn off the A40 at Llywel. You then head up some mountain roads, into a military area. If the road is closed by the red flag, you will have to go via Llandovery. If the road is open which is its most of the time when there are no military operations, you can drive a scenic route across open mountainside, on unusually empty roads - no hedges or obstructions so you see for miles. Tirabad itself is a small hamlet of a few houses. The woodland walks are about half a mile north of Tirabad on the C road to Llanwtyd Wells.

  If coming from Tirabad, on C road going north to Llanwtyd Wells, there is a woodland walk to the right, first, which I have not done. There is then a small parking area, to the left, and if you take the first path to the left, it will give you a circular walk back to the road, rejoining at a point 10 yards up from the first parking area. There is then a larger parking area and a proper pull in area, further along the road.
Distance (miles):  32.7
Time (hours):      0.50
Length of Walk:  1 - 2 hours depending on routes chosen.
Dates Walked:     27/03/2008, 01/08/2008,
Parking:   Free anywhere in the parking spots by the entrances to the woodland. There are several entrances.
Pop in to:    Llanwtyd Wells or Llandovery.

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